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Who Are We?

Absolute Adventures is the Bay Area's leading Adventure Club, servicing the entire Bay Area and beyond. From the Sierras, to Mexico, and even caving in Caleveras!

We are often featured on local radio and television. Producing adventure segments for Channel 5's "Evening Magazine" and ABC-7 "Absolute Adventures" with Mike Schumann.

Our members mostly range in age from mid 20s to mid 40s, but everyone with a passion for the outdoors is welcome to join us. All are intelligent, fun, active people just like you, who share a total love of the outdoors and real adventure. Most are busy professionals, for them weekend plans are hard to put together. Some are sales managers, lawyers, doctors, hi-tech workers and business owners. All of our members and guests share a desire to meet other people who enjoy adventure and like to have fun!

Absolute Adventures devotes its time to exploring all the really cool places in and around the Bay Area and beyond. With Absolute Adventures, our members and guests have discovered roaring 100 foot waterfalls, tan beaches covered with seals, secluded coves where the Grey Whales play, spectacular sunset views from rocky mountain tops, and of course, great times in every kind of place imaginable.

From moonlight steam train rides through the Santa Cruz mountains to sunset kayaking with Sea Otters, we have been there before, know all the great local spots, and can show you the Bay Area like no one else can. Our philosophy is simple, "Get out and do it"! The Bay Area is one of the few places on the planet where you can really "do it all" within minutes of San Francisco.

After a long week at work wouldn't it be nice to click on our monthly calendar and know that you had something fun to do this and every weekend? The last thing you need to be doing is spending "time" organizing your "free time". We do that for you! When was the last time you went horseback riding to Wildcat Beach, sailing under the Golden Gate, or saw parts of the Bay Area that took your breath away and added a little something back into your soul?

Our Staff

Your Absolute Adventure Staff are the best in Northern California! The staff is a unique collection of fellow adventurers who really love their jobs (who wouldn't!). They are helpful, fun, and highly motivated to see to it that you are getting the most out of your membership with us! They take care of all the little details, from fresh fruit trays to extra water to a helping hand across a stream; they are what make our club so different from the ordinary!

From the moment you arrive on one of our adventures to the moment you leave they make sure you are having fun, meeting new friends, and seeing the Bay Area like you have never seen it before. We are fortunate to have them with us, and we think you will agree!

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